Hi all

Well, today just turned ace.

Terry Jones, ex-Python, comedy legend, brilliant writer and movie director, has endorsed my humble tome ‘Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally’.

The book has been well received and I’ve valued all the feedback I’ve had – from my brother who sells runs (a really big) shop, to the trainee teacher contemplating NQT year. Here’s what Terry Jones has said about ‘Oops!’:

“How better to learn than by accident!”

“How much better to learn by accident than by rote!”

“I wish I’d learnt by accident.”


He’s instructed the publisher to take their pick but I think we should use them all!!!! I’ve been a Python fan since I was a boy – we used to listen to the soundtrack of Life of Brian on vinyl at our mate Chris’s house, so I grew to be one of those annoying students who could recite the dialogue word for word (Gove would be buzzing). I was surely the only boy who got away with singing ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ during an assembly in a Church of England High School – it was slightly edited, of course. My only streak of honest rebellion was a badge with the face of John Cleese that I pinned to the underside of my blazer lapel, away from the gaze of teachers…..


Thank you Mr Jones.


So, if you’ve not checked out the book yet, go here:




If you’ve got the book waiting on a pile, take the plunge, then get in touch and let me know how it was for you.






Oops! Helping children learn accidentally




Hi everyone

Following my last post about the NATDconference to be held in Oxford at the end of September 2012, I had a rush of interested folk getting in touch. I’m pleased to say that the information surrounding the conference is now ‘out there’ (and included here!) and bookings are being taken. As I said in my last post, this is a real opportunity for ANYONE interested in the future of education – teachers, lecturers, artists, parents…..

If you’ve seen the new curriculum proposals, you’ll see that the place for the arts and humanities is getting narrow, so we need to ensure our children are getting deep learning experiences (using Drama, enquiry and storytelling amongst other things) as well as learning the times tables and a bit of Dryden off by heart.

Cut to the chase – have a quick look at my last post and you’ll see how important I think this conference is. I hope you can support it – without you, it won’t be the same. Don’t miss out.

Here’s the flyer – print it off and follow the instructions. If it’s not your thing, please could you forward to someone who will see the value in it.

Many thanks. See you in Oxford.