Here’s a film of @rkieran and myself delivering a practical workshop around Mantle of the Expert. It’s been put together by @ourlittlevision who has been ace at finding the rawness and ‘realtime’ of the session. The film is here:

I hope you find it useful. The session was part of a weekend conference run by the National Association for the Teaching of Drama and the purpose of it was to introduce colleagues to the MoE process. Amongst the participants are some great MoE practitioners and educators as well as novice teachers wishing to find out more.






In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Brad and Janet find themselves at the mercy of ‘a hunting lodge for rich weirdos’ presided over by the shockjock Frank N. Furter. They somehow manage to be totally unphased by the predicament they find themselves in. I love this film and have tenuously crowbarred it into this post!

Thanks to @thelearningspy for his request for 5 ways of building anticipation with classes. I’m sure you’ll have plenty, but here are some of mine.

Five ways of building anticipation into your lessons:

5. Move rooms – go somewhere unconventional or unexpected

4. Place a ‘teaser’ poster on your door along the lines of ‘PLAGUE HERE’

3. Wear something that reflects a theme in your lesson (and, if you’re up for it, go completely Teacher in Role)

2. Share your main keywords at the start of the lesson, film your kids’ responses to them, then playback these responses at the end – how have their ‘reactions’ moved on?

1. Use fascinators and lures to hook the class in – pictures, sounds or objects that stop them in their tracks.


Thanks. Have a look at my book for more stuff like this: