Questions to kick off Reflection


As I write, the secondary Newly Qualified Teachers I’m working with have gone to visit some local schools. This is part of a six day programme of support for NQTs and we’re on Day 3. They’re visiting some contrasting settings to their own – Primary, Special, SEND and PRU.

On their return they’ll see a load of questions I’ve written on post-it notes and stuck up around our working space. Below are the questions I’ve asked in the hope that conversations will be kick-started and reflection and thinking will be provoked. I was going to get them to create essence posters based on their visits but have changed my mind to doing this!

Let’s see what happens.

Here are the questions I’ve thrown on the walls. Maybe you could put them through your filter and use them with your children and colleagues. I know I will.



What will you do as a result of the visits?

What did you hear?

What stories have you acquired?

What question didn’t you get chance to ask?

What was the impact of the visits on you personally?

What were you surprised by?

What were the children doing?

What were the adults doing?

What was the mood of the schools?

What was the impact of the visits on you professionally?

What made you feel confident?

What will you tell your mentor?

What made you feel inexperienced?

Did anything worry you?

What was good?

What was evolving?

What did you hear about ‘vision’?

Could you work there?

What would you change? Why? How?

What are you going to change? Why How?