A Day In Bath and That Cambridge


I’m contributing to two events, booking details of which can be found here: http://www.atl.org.uk/learning-zone/members-courses/creating-great-lessons-to-behave-for-2013-14.asp

The days are focusing on Behaviour and Engagement and have been set up, as you can see from the link, by the ATL Union, although as far as I’m aware, you don’t have to be a member to attend.

Bath 23rd January 2014

Cambridge 6th February 2014

The brilliant Lisa Miller is focusing on the Behaviour and I’m looking at curriculum of engagement. More about Lisa and her work here: http://www.practicaltactics.co.uk/lisa_8.html

Hope to see you there.










Just a quick mention here for this delightful little distraction. Bear in mind I’m sitting in a hotel room catching up on emails and so on. I’ve re-found this on my laptop. I cant wait to go back home and let our 8 year old have a go!

Hope you enjoy it.






So, I want to share the knowledge, skills and expertise of the people I know. If you are an educator, you’ll hopefully be in a similar position to me where you often get to sit and chew the fat with good people who seem to understand a lot more about the world of education than you do. I decided that I wanted to get some of these conversations captured. I thought it would be great to record a series of podcasts and so, EDUCATION BREW was born – in my head! By the time I’d created a Twitter feed, my first guest was waiting and the gear was set up to record. The concept is simple: come to ours, I’ll make you a couple of brews, and I’ll let you talk about what’s important to you in the world of education.photo (6)


It was easy to pull in my first guest Dave Whitaker, as we’ve been rehearsing for this for the last 15 years or so! Dave is  Executive Principal at a Special School in Barnsley and a member of @headsroundtable. This isn’t a podcast for colleagues who work exclusively in that setting, but, the feedback so far would suggest, important for all of us to hear. I uploaded the content to Audioboo late on Wednesday night. At the time of writing (the following Sunday), it has had 485 plays – far exceeding my humble expectations.

So, grab a brew, and have a listen:


At the end of the episode, I ask Dave to come back and do another session – if you’d like me to ask him any questions, email me at brewpod@yahoo.co.uk or tweet @educationbrew

Hope you enjoy it.

A big thank you to Maria (@mariamariamusic) Mark (@ICTEvangelist) and, of course, Dave (@davewhitaker246) for making it real.