Waving At You

Hello all

I lost my blog-mojo in January but have just found it down the back of the sofa. That’s not to say I’m not reading LOADS of brilliant blogs from teachers, leaders, commentators and CHILDREN doing fantastic work in all sorts of settings. It’s thought-provoking stuff.

So, I’m just waving at you and saying:

  • thanks for the continual inspiration
  • thanks for the Twitter follows 
  • thanks for the Twitter/blog feedback for events like the wonderful @BarnsleyTSA teaching festival and the sublime @NRocks2014. I’m really honoured to be asked to contribute to events and I must say that I loved these. If the Government knew hundreds of teachers were milling about in Leeds last Saturday talking pedagogy and practice, we might have been kettled. As it was, we just had a rich, informative and challenging ‘do’.
  • thanks to the children I’ve worked with recently (and the staff for having me in)! Y11 in Leeds, Y4 in Sheffield, Y8 in Barnsley Y5 in Redditch and Y1 in Birmingham. Ah, Y1 – What are we going to say to the Big Bad Wolf when we meet him? What are the right words to say? How do we want him to feel? What shouldn’t we say to him? What will help him be honest? Ace
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This may all seem like a bit of a wind-down, but I’ve been part of such wonderful work recently, I feel I just want to write it down, albeit briefly. I’ve had some challenges as well with my classroom work, but that deserves a post of its own I feel. 

Anyway, I’ll leave it there. It’s nearly the weekend so I hope you all have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY. 


PS: I’ve got a few more events here and there to share with you and will do so over some subsequent posts. Cheers!


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