MA at Leeds Beckett University

Hi everyone

I’ve just come out of a meeting with Professor Lori Beckett and am signed up to finishing my MA in Leeds. I’m buzzing. I’ve always stepped away from academia but am feeling great about doing this. The course looks ace. Its focus is around Urban Education and Achievement. The touchstones are poverty, participation and inclusion to the backdrop of policy, mobility and globalisation. I’m at the beginning here, and the reading looks immense. I’m hoping that by rooting the theory into genuine practice (in my case, looking at curriculum), it’ll inform my work around engaging the hard to reach, pulling children into (healthy) obsessive learning and transforming tense classrooms into ones where magic can happen and potential is unleashed. I sit and write this with the intention (perhaps misguided) of blogging a little more regularly about my progress as well as the work I’m doing with children and teachers in schools.

If you are interested in signing up to a distance learning MA course at Leeds Beckett, get in touch with Lori Beckett (I don’t think the campus is named after her….), she’ll love to hear from you.

Anyway, back to class……

I did this earlier in the week with Y4 children:

If we are going to help the guardian of the forest as he has requested, what words should we say to him on our first meeting?

(How do you address a mythical being?)