When you think of Cleethorpes, you may think of this:


or this


Once a centre of industry and a true Northern Powerhouse, Cleethorpes and Grimsby have struggled over recent years. When we think of it today we may think more of the people we see in television programmes such as Skint and the like. I’d like to redress this by  inviting you to Cleethorpes on Thursday June 18th for a Festival of Teaching and Learning that will be taking place at the brilliant Middlethorpe Primary Academy. Now, I know what you might be thinking…’s miles away. it’s in the North. Well, why not give it a go. I promise you a fantastic day featuring the brilliant educational minds, wit and wisdom of:

Darren Holmes (@enquire1)

The Real David Cameron (@realdcameron)

Dave Whitaker (@davewhitaker246)

Rob Smith (@redgierob)

Kate Davies (@kathrinedavies)

Ronnie Woods (@eltronnie)

Ian Bland (@Blandpoet)

John Murray

Simon Beswick (@SimonLBeswick)

Rebecca Rennox

Rachel Ingham (

4D Creative (

PLUS fabulous stands, offers and a blooming raffle! There won’t be any stand up-sit down bingo unfortunately, due to Health and Safety concerns 🙂

If you’re reading this and it simply is TOO far away for you to consider, please could you share this post with colleagues who might be able to make it.

Come and see where learning and teaching is in the North: at the cutting edge!

Details of booking here:

Hopefully see you there.

teach learn fest

cleeth It’ll be ace.


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