A Day in Somerset

Hi all

I had an ace day at a school in Somerset. Honestly, it was so good I’m writing this. I do a lot of gigs in schools and I can honestly say, they all go pretty well. I put this down to the fact tha teachers are essentially kind and patient people. And I’m not messing. Really, I do have a good time a lot of the time.

Anyway, today I was doing the first of two days in a special school federation in Somerset. And what an ace day it was. The audience are sharp and knowledgeable, and won’t suffer fools. Fortunately we have a few laughs early doors and recognise the need for warm humour – a tool we use every day! I went through a load of strategies today and the feedback was great.

Here is a collection of the posters we created at the end of the day that illustrated what we were taking away from the day. That’s me thinking about value for money. I’m charging the school for going in – I want it to be value for money – the LEARNING HAS TO TRAVEL. I hope this illustrates some work that will be taken on.

Scannable Document on 8 Jun 2015 18_46_27



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