BAD HAT HARRY and IMAGINEERING: Making the Curriculum Your Own


Here is the front cover of my new book. Please judge the book by its cover! It’s getting written and I’m loving it. It’s a book about reclaiming the curriculum, how we can bung some wonder back into lessons and a compendium of stuff that I’ve been using with children in primary, special and secondary schools up and down the land. And abroad. It’s going to be a worthy follow up to Oops! and I hope it’ll be of interest to you. It’ll be published in July 2016 (these things take time). The lovely Jane Hewitt, my longtime friend and in-another-life colleague, has provided the image on the front as she did with Oops! She’s a very talented photographer and she can be found @janeh271.

It’s been a difficult second of a book (see previous post and I know that some of you may have pre-ordered a copy of a book I was trying to write called The Oath. Frankly, I found it really hard to write. I like the idea of a handbook for great teachers, but suddenly, not long after I’d written about 20,000 words, the concept of an oath for teachers  became a political hot potato ( and I felt like I was crawling up a hill of treacle. I want to say thank you to those of you who saw that book on platforms such as Amazon and pre-ordered. You were never charged as I never finished it. This one however….this book is…..well, I’m so excited about it.

This week I have taught children from nurture groups in Y2 and 3, a class of Y5, worked with primary classroom practitioners, outstanding Teaching Assistants, ITT trainees and tomorrow I’m having a morning with SEN headteachers. It’s varied, for sure. And at the centre of it all, are the children.

Cheers. Hope your Friday goes well and the weekend is great!


Of course you know where that’s from 🙂

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